How to Market an Auto Repair Business – Ceve Marketing

Your customers are informed about the accident towing services you offer. This will help them seek your assistance the next time they need to be towed.
Compete On Service and not price

You’d like to stay competitive But you’re not looking to cut corners. It is common to see someone who is trying to lower the cost of the competition. If your car repair company is already providing great service with competitive costs, it is not logical to try to cut the cost of competition by lowering your costs as well. The shop could lose money and your customers won’t be satisfied with the cars they purchase.

Compete on quality and service rather than the price. It is important to understand the market and offer greater services than other automotive repair company. The repair loaner vehicle in the event that repairs are not finished on time or an on-site mechanic to arrive on-the-spot in the event of a need (for instance, if an employee is unable to drive home from working).

Use Coupons and Gift Certificates

The right place to go in your quest for ways to gain more clients. Since you are a proprietor of a repair shop it is important to understand that finding new customers is an effort. But you are able to utilize coupons and gift cards to gain more customers.

It’s possible to start by using coupons. You can start with coupons. If your coupon isn’t of enough value for the consumer or isn’t relevant enough for their needs (i.e. it’s not something they would actually want) the coupon won’t help your business. In order for coupons to effectively be used as marketing tools:

The information should be precise about the products and services being offered (i.e. providing details of what price point is being attained.)

These people should know where deals can be found (e.g. advertisement).


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