How Cell and Gene Therapy Research Helps Fight Sickle-Cell – Reference Books Online

Gene therapy research is used to discover the cause of many conditions to attempt to end them once and all. This type of research is currently being used to attempt to find a cure to sickle-cell disease.

Sickle-cell disease can be result of a mishap or mutation of an inherited gene which alters the structure of the red blood cells. This can cause them to condense and prevent proper blood flow through the blood vessels. The disease is extremely painful, and people diagnosed with the condition suffer from a myriad of health issues, such as severe organ injury. According to the current research, patients with sickle cell disease generally have the lifespan of around 40 years.

Researchers are trying to stop sickle cell illness by collecting bone marrow samples from patients after isolating stem cell precursors and implanting a gene to stop blood cells changing their shape.

Though gene therapy and cell therapy is only a few years old and is still under investigation, experts believe that it can have a great effect in the elimination of sickle-cell diseases. They hope that more research is conducted to end the pain and loss of life caused by this disease over many years.


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