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One of the most renowned automakers around the globe and is one of the most durable automakers in the world. But, in order to keep an Mercedes operating it is necessary to change a number of things that need to be fixed. One component required to be changed is the spark plugs. They help to start the combustion process in the engine. But which spark plug is the best for one of the Mercedes Benz?

As per the narration in the video about V6 (6-cylinder) and V8 (8-cylinder) Mercedes Benz cars featuring the M272 and the M273 engines, the Bosch double-platinum spark plug is the most suitable alternative. Why? because this plug could give car owners as much as three times the life span of a typical spark plug. It is a Bosch spark plug with double platinum can be used as an initial equipment component (OE) to Mercedes automobiles with M272 or M273 engines.

However, people with four-cylinder Mercedes Benz automobiles should purchase spark plugs from NGK Spark Plugs, the world’s largest spark plug manufacturer. Moreover, NGK spark plugs are OEM (original equipment) components to four-cylinder Mercedes Benz vehicles.


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