The Basics of HVAC – Do it Yourself Repair

HVAC, ventilation, and food preparation. This is the HVAC system that includes indoor and outdoor units such as furnaces, ducts and more that work to give your home a comfortable temperature and high quality air. This video explains the basics of the way that the air conditioning part of HVAC systems work.

Air conditioning systems consist comprising a number of parts, but the main ones include the evaporator and condenser. The condenser is located outside but the evaporator found inside the home’s interior. Both are heaters that take heat from the air and expel it into the outdoor air.

The other major component responsible for circulating refrigerant within an AC process is the compressor. It can transform from gas to liquid quickly making it simple for ACs to move through its pipes.

The refrigerant transforms into gas after warm air is blown across it. The heat is released by the refrigerant gaseous. After refrigerant gets out of the dwelling, it goes through the compressor, and finally to the condenser where it cools back to a liquid. This process begins all over again.

For more information, check out the above video.


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