What You Should Know About the Flow and Pressure of Pipes –

This video provides an overview of the pipe hydraulics and the interruptions of flow. Now, let’s get started!

It’s no surprise that pressure losses due to turbulent and frictional flow can occur in pipes. Believe it or not, electric circuits and the fluids inside pipelines have many similarities. Conductors are able resist the flow current and so pipes are able to resist flowing. A flow rate will determine the velocity of pipes. Pipes with larger diameters are able to travel at a less velocity, while smaller pipes possess a greater speed. In addition various pipe sizes are likely to have different affects on the flow rate and the pressure of the fluid within.

Pressure in pipes can remain impaired by corrosion or damaged even though it’s continually checked. It is crucial to ensure that you properly install piping systems. If not the system is properly installed, it could lead to the formation of leaks and even an explosion. To know more about fluid flow and pressure of piping systems, watch this video!


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