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s about interior basement drainage systems as seen in the video ” Basement Waterproofing – Solution Animation.” Solution Animation.”

The drainage systems in basements have been designed to shield basement walls and flooring from damage caused by water. The system is designed by experts in the field to collect the water that is leaking into a basement, so that it does not spread to cause harm. This helps reduce the possibility of costly flooding damages when correctly installed.

Basement drainage systems in the interior may also be considered passive. This means they rely on gravity for the movement of the water towards its ultimate location. It should not serve for drains in domestic plumbing or in any mechanical device that needs the removal of water.

The systems typically come with multiple redundant features that prevent flooding and water backflow. In its most common design, a sump is placed at the lower part on the wall of the basement, before waterproofing can be applied. If you are in the best situation, there will be “check valves” in the piping.

A drainage system inside the house’s function is to gather water off the wall and then transfer it out to a drainage system or downspout. The purpose of these systems is to avoid water backup and clogging by experts. These systems should never be used to point drain the household plumbing, as they could result in flooding and blockages.


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