Most Expensive Flowers – The Art Museum

The flowers are an extremely well-known decorative item. Flowers look beautiful in arrangements including flowerpots, vases, and pots. There are some flowers that have medicinal properties while others are included in meals. In this video you’ll learn about some of the priciest flowers around the globe. They are the kind of flowers you are unlikely to locate in your local florist.

The first bloom on this listing is Lisianthus. It’s a bright violet flower which costs about $4 per stem. It is due to the fact that it blooms for a few days each year, and is difficult to cultivate.

Following is the Lilly of the Valley. The Lilly of the Valley blooms at $5 per stem. They have an interesting upside-down bell shape.

The Hydrangea is yet another costly flower. The stems are priced at $7. There are about 70-75 species in the world. Blue Hydrangeas are a rare species. The PH (or acidity) of the soil will determine the shape and color that the Hydrangea takes. These are expensive since they only survive for an hour after they are picked. They are typically used in weddings as well as other celebrations.


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