Car Cutting Traffic Gets Instant Karma – Custom Wheels Direct

It’s especially crucial when driving. It is common to have to wait at stop lights or in long lines of traffic for our way to the destination. In some instances, however, we can get too fast and do stupid things. The video below will demonstrate someone who is impatient and making an unforgivable mistake. That driver will likely need be thinking about bail for traffic violations bonds after this fail.

It’s August 30th, 2012. This video begins with footage recorded from an iDeshcam. The roadway is jammed with vehicles. The speed of movement has decreased to just a crawl. One impatient driver seems to believe that traffic is an option. The video shows the grey-colored driver passing the dashcam on the right side. Initially, it looks as if they’ll be able to get away with their irresponsible driving. In reality, the driver is hit with a plethora of karma. Driver’s vision is blocked by the cars that are on the road. As a result, the driver is unable to see ahead the guard rail. The vehicle crashes into the railing, which is drastically narrowed. The vehicle is firmly tucked upon top of the railing to the dismay and amazement of the drivers around.


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