How to DIY Refinish a Bathtub – DIY Home Ideas

As it’s expensive for you to get and install a brand new bathtub, it is likely that you’ll be using it for decades. But that doesn’t mean you need to live with a dated, damaged or ugly bathtub. There are many options to renovate your tub. The process of refinishing your bathtub will help you reseal it or change the colors of the tub as well as give new life to an old bathroom.

The following video shows a homeowner who has extensive DIY abilities showing how she finished her bathtub. There were a lot of tools at first which meant that her costs were very low, but she also said that anyone could do the project with less than $100 if they needed to purchase every piece of equipment she used.

To begin, she cleaned the tub extremely thoroughly. Then, she removed the caulk around the tub. The tub’s surface was exposed.

When the tub was completely cleaned, the woman smoothed out the tub using the sandpaper. This step is essential since it makes sure that the fresh design will stay well on the bathtub’s surface.

For further information, take a look at the video in full.

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