How Does a Wood Furnace Work?

The greatest thing regarding wood-burning stoves is their portability. They can be placed anywhere you’d like. This includes your garage. But, it’s important to select the right dimensions for your space. This will guarantee optimal heat generation.

The wood furnaces are available in two dimensions: one that heats the entire home as well as one that only heats one area. The measurement of the space in which you want to install your wood stove prior decide to purchase one. For instance:

If the room is between 600 to 1000 square ft the room will require a compact wood stove. If it’s 800 to 2000 square ft, you need a medium-sized stove. Large stoves are required for rooms or houses with an area of 800-3000 square feet.

Consider the draftiness of the space in which you’re planning to put the stove. Even in small rooms it will require a larger heater in order to counteract the loss of warm air.

What Can a Wood Furnace Do?

You must ensure that your stove is up to EPA emission standards. Even though antique wood stoves are attractive and stunning. Most likely, they’re not certified.

You’ll know if your stove is certified by it’ll be marked at the bottom of it. The label will provide all of details about the manufacturing process. This document details which emission standards this unit is in compliance with.

In some places, regulations dictate the type of unit you are able to install. Certain regulations regulate the proportion of particulate smoke that is released into the air.

Why Is Particulate Smoke Important to How Does a Wood Furnace Perform?

Particulate smoke can also be referred to as particulate pollution. It is the mix of solid as well as liquid particles found in the air.

Particulates like dust, smoke, or soot can be difficult to discern with your naked eyes. The electron microscope for some of these partsiculates.

Their tiny sizes could lead to severe health issues if they are inhaled. A particle less than


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