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It can be very difficult when your gs goes south. Here are some tips to keep your refrigerator in the longterm.
Clean Coil

You will find the coil beneath the fridge. A coil brush can be bought online, in departments stores and hardware stores. Slide it carefully between the refrigerator. Don’t go too fast or you might harm the coil. Inspect the Gasket

Gasket is the term used to describe the rubber seal that is placed in the refrigerator door. Unlock the door and examine the gasket for unevenness or tears, which could let heat into. Petroleum jelly can be used to lessen friction, and lower chances of tears.

Ice Cream Test

The freezer and fridge should be kept at the optimum temperature. The refrigerator’s life expectancy will be shorter if it is kept at a very low temperature. You can place a pint or two of ice-cream within the freezer. The temperature can be adjusted by one degree till you achieve the right consistency.

This guideline will make sure that your fridge lasts for a long period of time. Also, make sure you check your water filtration system at your home and make sure to replace it every year. If you have more complex issues, call local refrigeration services for expert advice.


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