Botox for Your Shoulder? Doctors Experiment with New Arthritis Treatment – Consumer Review

There are many questions to ask about arthritis when you’re suffering from inflammation or pain in your joints.

Do there exist different types of arthritis? Yes. The term “arthritis” is used for over 100 kinds of joint disorders. There are three major types of arthritis which include osteoarthritis (psoratric) or rheumatoid. The third is Psoratric. Osteoarthritis is by far the most common form of arthritis.

Exist tests that test for arthritis? There’s no screening test for arthritis. You may be experiencing discomfort and stiffness in your knees. Your physician will carry out an examination and perform imaging tests like X-rays. These tests are to rule out any other possible issues. Doctors may be able to diagnose you with arthritis if they do not find these symptoms.

What is the treatment for arthritis? It depends on the severity of it is, and also where inside the body it’s situated. There is a possibility of needing prescription medication or to make changes in lifestyle. Rheumatologists are doctors who is skilled in treating arthritis. If you have such issues as ankle arthritis, you can be directed to a foot and ankle center. efn23rgojy.

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