What Is the Series 82 Exam and Do I Need to Take It? – Continuing Education Schools

If you are online or taking a physical face-to-face class, the types of courses that are offered are vitally important. This YouTube video will center on the value of the Series 82 exam and training program and what value the program can provide those who take it. The Series 82 sponsorship and exam evaluates how thoroughly each candidate is able to pass the program and in what degree they possess the knowledge needed in order to carry out the vital tasks within that career.

Particulars of Series 82 exams can usually be focused on subjects such as how an agent for private securities offering, including solicitation and sale of securities that are sold through private placement in the course of an initial offering. If you’re thinking about this kind of field for your career, there is an exam you will likely have to contend with. Take a look at this video and see the details of the test you’ll be taking, and how you can be prepared for it. qrszjw5rzp.

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