Niche Cleveland Internships to Complete in High School – Cleveland Internships

Cuyahoga County Public Library (Teen Scene)

Teen Scene volunteers help connect youngsters to services and resources to promote interest in teen education and leisure as well as providing patrons of libraries with an enjoyable activity to do during their visit. As part of this Cleveland clinic high school intern program you will be meeting teens you meet through sharing your passion for novels and the reading. They need help with strategies for marketing monthly activities and enlisting teens to take part in the monthly events, becoming the host or co-host of weekly activities, assisting with special events, directing discussions and book clubs for teens group, and coaching teens on developing their projects related to teenager services.

If you enjoy writing and enjoying yourself, this job is perfect for you. This allows you to connect with young people in Cleveland on topics they’re attracted to, and that is essential in the present. Since they’re fascinated by things like technology as they have heard about it, and it is perfect for creating resumes, networking opportunities and thought generation.

Cuyahoga County Public Library (Library Adventure Team).

under the direction under the direction of under the supervision of Youth Services Librarian, volunteers are involved in activities that encourage the use of library resources for children and teenagers. You will be working with high school students in the Cleveland Clinic in one-on-1 settings in the Library Adventure Team. The internship is ideal for those who are passionate about writing and just love being innovative. They can work with others on writing projects that will be relevant for their customers. That means they go to the library more frequently, as it’s beneficial for all involved. Hence, this is a great opportunity for networking and the building of resumes.

Euclid Public Library (Youth collection specialist)

The Euclid Public Library provides programs through ‘storytimes’ for youn of3wje73hj.

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