Inside a Screen Printing Shirt Business – This Week Magazine

Screen printing is done by other methods, but the one that is used here makes use of light manipulation and emulsion to transfer the images onto fabric. In this video, you can get an behind-the scene look of a commercial. It will show the entire process involved in making the making of custom-made shirts.

The shirt starts with outline of the design. Screen printing is carried out manually by hand to allow to allow the highest level of attention to be given. This is accomplished on a gadget that allows the garments be swiftly moved from stage as they would be on conveyor belts. Once all the artwork has been applied to the shirt, the shirts will dry on a conveyor belt. This kind of business will get an order for customized shirts, and will then make it on-demand. The garments have been purchased and require to be produced before being sent off to the customers. 49k61q8pc1.

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