Metal vs. Ceramic Braces Which is Better? – Metro Dental Care

When you’re thinking about metal or ceramic braces there is a pros and cons of each. In this video, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of the different options are to give you a better understanding of the choice you’ll need to make for your self.

It is likely that braces made of metal will be the most common choice. They’re designed to align the teeth of a lot of children at the elementary school. Ceramic brackets are lesser cost than metal brackets. This is fairly standard. However, it is important to note that ceramic brackets tend to be more hard, they are more susceptible to chipping. The metal brackets tend to be more durable. This is especially important when you plan to wear braces for a long period duration.

It is important to consider the price and the type of brace that would be the best option for you making the choice between ceramic or metal braces. The metal braces are more durable than ceramic therefore it is essential to weigh these factors before making your final decision. sl9a3dxkhf.

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