Proper Use Of An ER Collet Is Required For Safety

Cnc tool holders

If you run a company that makes use of boring heads, boring inserts, CNC tool holders, end mill holders, Er collets or other special tools, it is important to make sure that you have a very effective model of training in place for any member of your staff that you trust to make use of these tools on company time. Failure to train your staff members on the effective use of an ER collet, for example, can lead to major injuries or damage to any object that collet is being used on. Even if you have been told that a member of your staff that will make use of the ER collet once you hire them has been trained already, make sure to train them yourself. This will help you steer clear of liability issues just in case any user of an ER collet at your company hurts themselves, hurts someone else or damages client property.

A CNC machine is a machine tool that can use programs to automatically execute a series of operations for machining. Machine tools can perform two specific functions. They are able to constrain a work piece, and they are able to provide guided movement of a part in the machine.?
Boring is a process for a machine where a hole is enlarged once that hole has been drilled, and this is done with the use of a single point cutting tool. Most boring operations that take place on a small work piece can be carried out with a lathe, though a large work pieces will more than likely have to be machined on a boring mill. ER collet use and boring tool use will speed up operations, but they do carry a bit of extra risk.

A common way to manage threading, or the creation of a screw head, is to cut with taps and dies. This is a common process for water main work. It is also common to see threading take place when pipes or circular ducts are being laid into a building. The tools required for threading work should be maintained on a regular basis. Get in touch with a calibration or tool maintenance expert if you are not certified to take care of your own calibration or maintenance. A certified expert will be able to extend the life of your tool and protect you from injury due to a tool that malfunctions from poor maintenance.

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